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Display is not working

The text is very bright


Increase the brightness.

Press Setup --> 1.Basic --> 6.Display --> 2.Contrast

Use Up arrow to increase the brightness.


If that does not solve the issue then disconnect all wires to the IHP24 except 24VDC on terminal 5 and 6 and check if is is working now. If still not working then Contact support


Nothing is shown in the display


Check if there light in the red or green LED next to the left button?


There is no light in the LEDs:

Check the power supply. 24 VDC must be present on terminal 5 and 6.

Disconnect all other wires to rule out a shortcut in the connected equipment (Sensors, solenoid valves and so on).


There is no power on the device:


Supply 24 VDC on the terminals according to the user manual.


There is 24VDC on the terminals.

Check if the display board has a loose connection.

Apply a little pressure on the front plate and power cycle the device.

If this solves the problem the display board might be defect. 

Contact Val Controls support to get information for how to get a replacement board.


If there still no text in the display then the device is properly defect. Replace the device.

Follow the Return Material Authorisation if you want ValControls to investigate the device.




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